Load and return the Basic Motions dataset.

The data was generated as part of a student project where four students performed four activities whilst wearing a smart watch. The watch collects 3D accelerometer and a 3D gyroscope It consists of four classes, which are walking, resting, running and badminton. Participants were required to record motion a total of five times, and the data is sampled once every tenth of a second, for a ten second period.

Training samples 40
Test samples 40
Dimensionality 6
Timestamps 100
Classes 4
return_X_y : bool (default = False)

If True, return (data_train, data_test, target_train, target_test) instead of a Bunch object.

data : Bunch

Dictionary-like object, with attributes:

data_train : array of floats

The time series in the training set.

data_test : array of floats

The time series in the test set.

target_train : array of integers

The classification labels in the training set.

target_test : array of integers

The classification labels in the test set.

DESCR : str

The full description of the dataset.

url : str

The url of the dataset.

(data_train, data_test, target_train, target_test) : tuple if return_X_y is True


[1]UCR archive entry for the PigCVP dataset


>>> from pyts.datasets import load_basic_motions
>>> bunch = load_basic_motions()
>>> bunch.data_train.shape
(40, 6, 100)
>>> X_train, X_test, y_train, y_test = load_basic_motions(return_X_y=True)
>>> X_train.shape
(40, 6, 100)

Examples using pyts.datasets.load_basic_motions