If you use pyts in a scientific publication, we would appreciate citations to the following paper:

Johann Faouzi and Hicham Janati. pyts: A python package for time series classification.
Journal of Machine Learning Research, 21(46):1−6, 2020.

Bibtex entry:

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Specific version

If you want to cite a specific version of pyts, pyts is registered on Zenodo. Here is the Bibtex entry for version 0.10.0 for instance:

@article{johann faouzi_hicham janati_ken keong lee_tobias carryer_roman yurchak_avisp_2019,
author    = {Johann Faouzi and Hicham Janati and Ken Keong LEE and Tobias Carryer and Roman Yurchak and AvisP},
title     = {johannfaouzi/pyts: Release of version 0.10.0},
DOI       = {10.5281/zenodo.3568218},
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